Serving the Least Reached Peoples
in Word and Deed

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Since 1991 we have served in what is often a war zone in Central Mindanao.  Poverty, persecution, malnutrition, illiteracy, social injustice and a great need for a real relationship with the only Prince of Peace are needs that we strive to address.  We work with children, teens, families, and disaster victims.  Our work often takes us to places where others choose not to go.  But through Medical outreaches, Education, Scholarship Programs, Values Formation, and other forms of training we continue to make our savior and his message of hope relevant to a people who have never known him.


Being the Hands and Feet of Christ to the Poorest of the Poor

The gospel is more than words.  We take to heart the example and teachings of Jesus, "Whatever you've done to the least of these, you've done it to me".  As much as we are financially able we seek to extend God's tangible love to the poor and suffering in the form of education, livelihood projects, medical and dental clinics, feeding programs, scholarship programs, personal interaction and, when necessary, refugee relief

Please visit our "Donate" page to be a part of ministering to rural poor children and families in the warzone of Mindanao OR you may donate specifically for disaster relief

Training, Coaching, and providing Member Care for Field Workers

Ministry is about serving people.  Our 25 years experience in several cultures gives us unique opportunities to train, coach and even mentor workers from other organizations and other cultures.  Living in culturally isolated environments doing difficult work, separated from home and church can be hard on workers.  Member care is something we see as an essential need for workers of all levels.  Keeping people spiritually, physically and emotionally healthy and productive helps them to accomplish God's call of service in their lives.

Please visit our "Inspiration" page where you will find free discipleship and Christian growth materials.

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